We have completed a project with the company of transports and services MAPLE,  we create a Lowboy with detachable neck of 3 position with a total length of 50 feet and a width of 126 ".

Sales and installation of hydraulic equipment for trucks with dump hopper.

Conversion of Lowboys with fixed neck to detachable neck.

Cutting, bending and rolling of sheet.
Trailers Repair of each brand.
Preventive and corrective maintenance.
Our products are made ​​with the highest quality to provide a strong and durable product.

Be leaders in the manufacturers of trailers with the highest quality standards, besides being a recognized brand worldwide for its many products and services.



Provide the best solutions to the needs of our customers in terms of product and service.


Alterations to the chassis.

We are the first Company in Latin America specialized in the manufacture of Lowboy removable  gooseneck and neck fixed in any capacity and for any application.

Thanks to our quality, we have presence in 21 countries, on the 5 continents.

We specialize in the manufacture of trailers for the oil industry, the construction industry, transportation of heavy machinery and excessive dimensions.

Our trailers compete in the international market with the most prestigious brands.

We produce equipments with the highest standards of quality worldwide.

We adapt our manufacture to your needs complying with the specifications of each country.

This year we met 18 years of service within the transportation construction and oilfield industries.
In Natsa we work with passion, we are a dedicated team and dedicated to quality, we offer products and services with the highest quality and encourage a good and an integrated relationship with our costumers.